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The Genesis and Growth of Southwest National Fame

  The genesis undoubtedly began with the publishing of a Time magazine artticle on October 21, 1957. That same week, Newsweek magazine published a similar article citing the same study that named Southwest among the top 34 high schools in the U.S. But with greater prestige and a national circulation of about three times that of Newsweek at the time, it was the Time article that garnered the most attention. Fast forward to the April, 1963, issue of the Ladies' Home Journal, a popular and influential national magazine at the time. (continued below)

  (continued) The Journal named Southwest among the top 25 high schools in the nation. That further sealed what Time and Newsweek had started - that Southwest was, at least in its heyday of the 1950's and 1960's, clearly among the very best nationally, which was reported somewhat regularly to the public in local news articles or television commentary, and as recently as 2013. The school was even in the "top 20" as was spread locally by word-of-mouth. In seeking a better understanding of the growth of that fame for the sake of belated academic curiosity, fresh research is now underway. Results are coming in 2017 and will be reported on this website. There is already an indication of one major surprise.

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