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Our favorite country song
"Homecoming '63"
A country chart-topper in 1986 by the great Keith Whitley
(husband of country singer Lorrie Morgan)
3-minute video

The Lyrics

Homecoming '63
I was so proud you went with me
Everyone turned their heads when we walked in
They said look at that perfect pair
as you blushed from all their stares
and my chest swelled up with pride
grinning from ear to ear inside
An hour full of dance and fun
An hour later and I gunned my '57 off to heaven
Back seat lovin' girl you were somethin'

Homecoming '63
You went home with the love you gave to me
You turned me on to ecstasy
Homecoming '63
What a night that was for us
I remember plain as day the touch
when I felt your love melt in my arms
and that old and pleated back seat bed
I pleaded with you and instead of the usual no
you said yes, you let go

Homecoming '63