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Ed Matheny's two classic books about the history of Southwest High
are brought to you by the Class of 1963 as free PDF downloads


Rise anfd Fall of Excellence
(PDF download: 170 Pages, 44 MB)
Once More with Feeling!
(PDF download: 219 Pages, 79 MB)

Downloading will require patience. These are PDF files necessarily large (in MB's)
in order to closely maintain each book's original image and text quality.
Not suitable for the small screens of smart-phones

Please read first:


In 2014 the Class of 1963 was given the privilege by author Ed Matheny of clearing the way to having Rise and Fall of Excellence and its follow-up companion Once More with Feeling! preserved for the first time on the Internet. These searchable PDF versions can now be shared and enjoyed - free of charge - by all Southwest graduates, their families, former faculty, and the public worldwide.


We encourage all Southwest reunion groups, and other interested persons, to re-post these versions or links to them. This is done with Ed Matheny's full approval, but restricted to non-commercial or non-profit use. Both hard-copy editions of the books are now permanently out of print. On the technical side, this project was headed by Vic Damon, Class of '63 website archivist, and with special inspiration from '63 classmates Ron Bodinson, Cam Schutte, Howard Brown, and Jim McFerrin.

Important Advice: Allow each book to download fully through your browser, then "Save"or "Save As" to your computer's desktop or a download folder. Then re-open from there for viewing and/or printing. This applies for most tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart-TV's, but not smart-phones. Widely inconsistent image and text quality in above Once More with Feeling! PDF is the original quality of the book, that often included 2nd generation photo-copies and less than clear dot-matrix print-outs.