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Southwest History on YouTube
- More to come -

  Aired on local TV in October 2000 and posted on YouTube in 2013 on behalf of the Southwest Class of 1963 for it 50th Year Reunion. Thanks are given to KSHB Channel 41 for the production, where special credit was given to Ed Matheny, Janice Talge, The Kansas City Public Library, The Kansas City Star, and Chris Wilborn & Associates. Original footage re-mastered by Vic Damon for Internet use on behalf of the Southwest Class of 1963.

  A fascinating 45-minute audio recording of author Edward T. Matheny, Jr., at the Central Library in downtown Kansas City, MO, on Jan. 29, 2012. Matheny, a civic leader and retired attorney who graduated from Southwest High School in 1940, takes a fond look back at the proud past of his alma mater with humor, anecdotes, and facts. He is the author of two books on the history of Southwest: "The Rise and Fall of Excellence" (covering 1925 - 1998) and "Once More with Feeling," published in 2010 and including responses to the first book and updated information on the school. This posting includes a still-frame graphic and re-mastered audio by Vic Damon on behalf of the Southwest Class of 1963.